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NanoVista Frames for Kids


NanoVista frames for kids

Our Nano Optical frame collection offers a combination of design, manufacturing material innovation, and function that is sure to meet the most prestigious valuation standards. This unique set of features has been instrumental for obtaining the patent recognizing their functionality.

The Nano Optical collection has been developed to meet the needs of our most demanding tireless and playful customers: children. Available sizes range from ages 4 to 14 (sizes 42, 44, 46, 48, 50).

All frames comprising the Nano Optical collection feature an innovative concept that sets our products apart from out competitor’s: two different retainer systems to keep the eyeglasses in place under any circumstance in a kid’s everyday life:

Temple fixing system: Featuring Rubber Soft coated easily-adjusted ear pieces, that guarantee a better fit.

Headband fixing system: The headband guarantees a tighter hold during more active times of day, whether when playing in the schoolyard games or taking part in recreational activities.

Cutting Edge Innovation:

The NS temples (New School Series) incorporates the unique Curving Rubber™ technology. No metal parts are included. This revolutionary breakthrough in material composition allows adaptability to many fits without the dangers of metal parts on children’s frames. Curving rubber, another evolution towards perfection in children’s eyewear from Nanovista.

Developed by our R&D department, Siliflex ™ is the new plastic thermomoldable TEAR-PROOF material from which all our Nano Optical collection models are made, offering the highest level of flexibility known in prescription eyeglasses. Thanks to its “shape-memory” properties, our frames are guaranteed to revert to their original shape regardless of the level of stress they are put through. Siliflex ™ frames are 35% lighter than frames manufactured from acetate. Thanks to the featured new twist-proof special “52” hinges, the frames offer Maximum Flexibility and are capable of withstanding opening angles above 270°.

All in all, Nano Optical frames combine all the elements that distinguish a truly winning product.