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Our Receptionist, Melanie


Melanie joined the VNEC team in November 2015 and is excited to start her career in the eyecare industry. Melanie was born and raised here in Meadow Lake, she is currently raising her four beautiful children. In her spare time she travels with her kids to their various extra carricular activities. Melanie looks forward to speaking to you and booking your next eye exam.

COVID-19 update

UPDATE: Re-Opening Plan

OPENING DATE has changed to Monday, May 25th!! Staff will be learning and practicing many new protocols and regulations to better serve our patients in these changing times  We look forward to seeing you all again!

We are happy that the province is doing so well in containing the spread of the virus and hope that we can continue to reduce our active cases. Our province and people have worked so hard at being careful and practicing social distancing which has contributed to our success. All people in essential services that have continued working during this time have done an amazing job and truly need to be commended for their hard work. Events like this have huge mental and physical ramifications on everyone, especially those in essential services.) What to Expect in Our Office Read our safety protocols


We will be opening on Monday, May 25th!

What to Expect in Our Office Read our safety protocols.